The first of each week we will send out an email to all those signed up to pray.  This email will contain 2 links.

  • A link to a calendar for the past week’s prayer assignment
  • A link to a calendar for the next week’s prayer assignment

It is very important that each church take responsibility for recording the fulfilled prayer assignments of their church team.  The director of each church team can decide with his team whether one person will do this for the church members, if each will do it for themselves, or a combination of the two (for those who don’t have internet access).

Prayer members should try to fill out their assignment for the previous week by the beginning of the new week (Sunday or Monday). Since a link will also be sent for the calendar for the coming week, those who wish to do so can go to the link as often as each day to record the completion of their prayer assignment.

If a person fails to complete at least 50% of their prayer assignments in a month’s time, a committee member will follow up with the church prayer team leader.  If a person fails to fulfill at least 50% of their prayer assignments for a second month in a row, their name will be removed.  The church may choose to replace them, or if not, the committee will look for someone in another church to fill the assignment.

By God’s grace, we want to see this county blanketed with non-stop, ongoing prayer, and for God to respond with great salvation!

This website and the weekly emails we send out are your two primary ways for us all to connect with one another.  You will notice that on almost every page you have an opportunity to post comments.

Posting comments is especially important on the forum pages that you will find on the right side of the page.  Leaving feedback there is probably the best way for you to connect with the Coweta Prayer Watch community.


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  1. Donna Freeland says:

    Prayed for each individual item.

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