Fulfilling your prayer time

We would like to answer some common questions about the Prayer Watch.

QUESTION:  How important is it that I pray exactly during my 20 minute prayer time.

ANSWER:  We ask that at least 50% of the time you pray at your assigned time. When you can’t pray then, yes, it is ok to pray a little after or before your time, or to even pray at a different time.

QUESTION:  If I pray at another time, in which time slot should I record my completed prayer assignment?

ANSWER:  Please put your name in your regular prayer time slot, even though you prayed at another time. This helps us in record keeping to know that you did pray.

QUESTION:  I have trouble praying the entire 20 minutes.

ANSWER:  We recommend that you spend time entering into God’s presence with as much as 10 minutes of worship, praise and thanksgiving. This makes the time spent in petition much shorter.
If you are having trouble praying for 20 minutes because you don’t know what to pray about for such a long period, please see the menu item: “What to pray” for help with this.

QUESTION:  When I went to report the completion of my prayer time, someone else had already put their name in my prayer slot.

ANSWER:  Just put your cursor on the right side of their name, hit the “enter” key on your keyboard, then type in your first name.
Someone may have put their name in your slot by mistake, but sometimes more than one person is assigned to a slot, which means there might be 2 or even 3 names filled in.


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