Share what God showed you while praying

As you complete your Coweta Prayer Watch prayer assignments and the Lord shows you something worth sharing, please do so. By doing so, you will help to strengthen other prayer warriors to persevere in their weekly prayer offensives.

Simply click on “Leave a Comment” below and share with everyone:

  • Something the Lord led you to pray
  • Something the Lord showed you while praying
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Share your vision for the Coweta County Community Transformation Watch of the Lord

This is it.  Coweta County Christians are starting on a fantastic journey, the goal being a continuous outcry that God will transform our community.  Our goal is that 140 or more churches in Coweta County, GA will join together in this ongoing 24/7 prayer movement.

Please feel free to share your vision for this new prayer movement by clicking on “Leave a Comment” below.  Your comments can help inspire others to pray!

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