Share your vision for the Coweta County Community Transformation Watch of the Lord

This is it.  Coweta County Christians are starting on a fantastic journey, the goal being a continuous outcry that God will transform our community.  Our goal is that 140 or more churches in Coweta County, GA will join together in this ongoing 24/7 prayer movement.

Please feel free to share your vision for this new prayer movement by clicking on “Leave a Comment” below.  Your comments can help inspire others to pray!

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5 Responses to Share your vision for the Coweta County Community Transformation Watch of the Lord

  1. Ellie Farrington says:

    There is so much power when we pull (or pray) together. I’m pulling weeds from the cracks in the concrete in my driveway this morning. One weed…zippo…up it comes. Several weeds tangled together and it’s next to impossible to extract them! The more we pray, the deeper our roots go!

    • jonnie says:

      Love this analogy! So thankful the Father has called his children to join together in prayer for Coweta County. God bless you, Ellie, and each intercessor.

  2. Dave says:

    Great to raise up prayer for the county. So good.
    One question, you use ‘we’ in the website but never say who the we is. Who are the people’s names connected with this? Seems odd to have it so anonymous without names of who are the founders or ones behind it.

    • Thank you for your question. In our About Us page, we give a bit of an answer to your question.
      For over 3 years a group has been meeting on Monday nights to pray for revival in Coweta County and our nation. The people who come are from various churches. Our common interest is to see God work in a great way.
      Various ones in the group have taken various responsibilities for the Coweta Prayer Watch. Once the prayer watch was started, we have brought in key prayer leaders from churches in Coweta County to be on the Coweta Prayer Watch committee. This truly is a non-partisan community effort.
      Paul Schneider Jr.

  3. cowetaprayer says:

    This is just what we need. Way to go, Monday night prayer group!

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