Share what God showed you while praying

As you complete your Coweta Prayer Watch prayer assignments and the Lord shows you something worth sharing, please do so. By doing so, you will help to strengthen other prayer warriors to persevere in their weekly prayer offensives.

Simply click on “Leave a Comment” below and share with everyone:

  • Something the Lord led you to pray
  • Something the Lord showed you while praying
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7 Responses to Share what God showed you while praying

  1. EARL kimsey says:

    I feel the Lord is telling Christians the need to be unified for more power and blessings in our Prayer Life within our community

  2. Judy Roberts says:

    I believe the Lord has led me to pray that there will be no establishment of any Islamic edifices or meeting places within Coweta Co.; that no foothold be established. Tonight I also felt led to pray for God to open doors and send witnesses to the young people enticed into membership in gangs ~ thinking of the void that only He can fill and of how He longs to reach them.

  3. Julie Chambliss says:

    As the Halloween season is upon us and is gaining strength every year, will you pray with me that the Lord will deliver our entire county from evil?

  4. sally says:

    While praying today I felt called to pray for the children of our county especially those who are being abused. Whether physical, emotional,. or sexual, abuse damages their spirits often leading them away from God. Pray for their healing. Pray for prevention through education and awareness in our community.

  5. gina says:

    God is showing me how merciful He is while he is transforming my life. Through this ministry, I have been praying and reading His word more faithfully. I have been released from bondage that I never thought I could part from. He is showing me what real peace and trust is. I have also learned to be more confident in my prayers, knowing that He is on our side and wants to intercede for all of us. I am fervently praying for our school system. I believe we will have revival. Let’s continue to pray for our churches to build students and teachers up to be bold there!

  6. Ruthada says:

    Prayer meeting on July 14 was primarily for the pastors of the many churches in Coweta. It was heartwarming to hear the passionate prayers offered for the pastors and church leaders for a fresh anointing and for the Truth of God to be revealed to each one that they might bring forth His Word to the congregations. May we continue this request, asking for God’s mercy, a spiritual strengthening for each one and for a mighty revival in our county.

  7. jonnie says:

    Prayer the week of July 4: “Lord Jesus, Please open the eyes of the Pastors of Coweta County to the TRUTH of Your WORD! …the Whole Truth. Bind the “Spirit of the Age” in the Name above all names, JESUS! Amen.

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